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It might be required to have a cosmetic surgery on eyelids due to various reasons.


Expert cosmetic surgeons perform blepharoplasty surgery to minimize or nullify these problems of eyelids.

After a thorough diagnosis of eyelids surgeons determine a surgical procedure for every patient and accordingly they execute the surgery administering local anesthesia for insensitivity to pain during the surgery. Surgeons take incisions along the natural lines while operating upper eyelids and can take incisions along the eyelash line or behind the eyelid just under the eyes for operating lower eyelids.

In order to remove wrinkles or the saggy skin on upper eyelids that sometimes creates obstacles in clear view in older people, surgeons stretch the skin, remove excess skin by trimming it down and place smaller stitches to dissolve the incisions taken.

For reducing the bagginess in lower eyelids, instead of removing the fat deposit that might hurt the harmony between cheek fat and lower eyelids, surgeons use smaller surgical tools to adjust the fat deposits by displacing them in much lower part. Thus the bridge between the cheek fat and lower eyelids gets a plump and harmonious appearance.

It is suggested to have a laser resurfacing of treated area of eyelid for getting a plain homogeneous surface after the surgery.

Eyelid surgery cost varies center to center. It mainly depends on the experience of surgeon, location of his clinic, procedure adapted for surgery, anesthesia charges, hospital and equipment usage charges and medication for healing and pain relief.

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This is an interactive game since it is up to the consultant to choose the cards while he focuses on his question. It's a fun way to get a clear and immediate response to a situation that demands clarity in the moment. Here is an overview of the Yes / No tarot to better understand its principle and its advantages as a clairvoyance reading .

Like other clairvoyance draws based on the use of cards, the Yes / No tarot is a form of fortune telling, allowing to obtain reliable answers. Indeed, the concept of this type of tarot is based on the polarity of the major arcana of the Tarot de Marseille , which can be positive, negative or neutral cards.

And although the Yes / No tarot reading is both simple and fast, one can rely 100% on the interpretation of the cards, which is performed by experienced tarologists.

As a result, this interactive game is suitable for anyone who wants a quick and precise answer. It is good advice for people who need to make a decision quickly, but who are still hesitating because of some doubts. The messages obtained are perfectly reliable, because the cards do not lie.

This method of reading the Tarot de Marseille is less intimidating, because, because of its playful nature, the consultant feels less pressure, making the art of divination accessible to all. In addition, it is possible to obtain answers in all areas of life: love, money, work, well-being, life project ...

The Tarot de Marseille has been a divinatory medium already appreciated since the 16th century and it continues to prove its worth in the expert hands of a gifted fortune-teller. Indeed, the major cards of the Tarot de Marseille can reveal determining events of the past, present and future of the consultant.

In Yes / No tarot, only the 22 major arcana, also called the trumps or the triumphs, are used, knowing that these cards have polarities making it possible to distinguish the positive cards from the negative cards. Even neutral cards, which can influence the interpretation, depending on the other cards chosen in the draw.

These major arcana are, in order: the Bateleur (or the Magician), the High Priestess, the Empress, the Emperor, the Pope, the Lover, the Chariot, Justice, the Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune, Strength, Hangman, Death, Temperance, Devil, House God, Star, Moon, Sun, Judgment, World and Mast.

Thus, the tarologists, not being satisfied only with the polarity of the cards, also base themselves on the characteristics, the symbolics and the messages conveyed by the cards to give their interpretation. They also refer to their feelings and their extra-sensory capacities, psychic capacities granted to only a few handfuls of people, in order to give correct interpretations.

As with any tarology session, a yes or no tarot session begins this page with the shuffling of cards and the cut. Before choosing the cards, which can be one, three or 5 cards, depending on the chosen draw mode, the consultant refocuses on himself to put aside his other worries, and to concentrate on his question Then comes the moment to select the cards, which will be revealed to the consultant as the drawing progresses. This moment is then followed by the evaluation of the draft, making it possible to determine whether the answer is yes or no.

Although the draw is titled Yes / No, the tarologist, responsible for interpreting the draw, explains the situation to you, gives you indications on your strengths, that is to say the elements in favor of the question and your weaknesses, that is to say the situations which can constitute blockages. He will be sure to tell you the likely outcome of the situation. But as a serious seer, he will in no way try to impose ideas on you. It is therefore up to you to make the decision, the one that you deem the most relevant.

The Yes / No tarot consists of asking a question whose answer is either positive or negative. However, the question must be well formulated so that it is very concise, whatever the subject of the consultation.

Here are some examples of frequently asked questions in Yes / No tarot.

Clairvoyance love with the Tarot Yes / No

Singles like people already in a relationship can not help but ask questions about their future in love.

Clairvoyance work and the professional future with the Tarot Yes / No

Questions relating to the professional future and the search for work are among the questions that need clear answers.

Family clairvoyance with the Tarot Yes / No

The future of children and the quality of family relationships are among the questions that worry the most people and which, therefore, require clear and reliable answers.

Financial and material clairvoyance with the Tarot Yes / No

Dare to ask questions about your material situation, but be concise in the formulation of your questions, drawing inspiration from the following examples:

Spiriteo has created its simple and effective interactive tarot deck: it allows you to answer clearly and immediately with yes or no to a question that you ask yourself and that you ruminate on ... It can be appealing to any area: love, money, work, well-being... this personalized drawing is based on a traditional interpretation of the Tarot de Marseille via the Major Arcana to make it a dynamic, serious game of great predictive quality.